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Want a lively, invigorating and entertaining group or workshop for your Women or Mom Organization?

Looking for an awesome, high-energy, game-changing, results-driven speaking engagement?

You’ve come to the right place! A well-sought after Keynote & Guest Speaker, Crystal V. Pizarro’s contagious positivity and unshakeable authenticity commands the room and creates upward spirals of enthusiasm & empowerment, while she cracks the code of having it all together in “me-hood” and “mom-hood”. 

Infusing enthusiasm, witty humor and authenticity through personal experience, your audience is sure to feel validated, excited and confident to upgrade their life to a whole new level.

Crystal V. Pizarro’s speaking engagements have the perfect balance of direct presentation and audience participation and are choc’ full of fresh perspectives, eye-opening exercises and cutting-edge techniques.

Your audience will feel thrilled to take on the rest of their day with tangible strategies they can implement immediately! 

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