Transforming Frustrated Me Into Harmonious We

Love is the strongest emotion of all. Much of the discord around us is simply a lack of love and once you add love to it, it seizes to exist. Relationships are a perfect example of this. In my past work with couples, I have seen tremendous transformation not only in the relationship dynamic during […]

Embracing the Seasons of Love

As humans, we are beings of connection. Romantically connecting with others in a mutually rewarding way is both an art and a science-an art and science that is not always taught during our brain’s critical period for relationship building. However, no worries! Whenever there is a life issue, nature can usually offer some guidance. Check […]

Enlisting Your Future Self Using the Empty Chair Technique

By the time you have finished reading this sentence, your body will have generated millions of new cellular beginnings. Starting anew is as natural to us as reading, breathing, blinking, and thinking. Every thought, blink of an eye, change in breath, movement, and tear is an opportunity for a new beginning…and hence a new ending. […]