About Crystal Pizarro

About Crystal V. Pizarro

 “I empower moms feeling ‘stuck’, going through a transition or challenging time press ‘reset’ on their life + awaken their best self that’s been lying dormant.”

Hey Mamas!

I’m Crystal and I am super excited you’re here. I’m here to tell you a little about my credentials and my journey to becoming an Impact Mom™. So, first, let’s dive into the credentials.

Credentials and Expertise

I graduated top 1% of my Master’s Program Summa Cum Laude in Applied Psychology & Mental Health Counseling and hold certifications as a National Certified Counselor and Holistic Life Coach as well as NJ Licensure as a Professional Counselor. I have a decade of experience in various mental health settings serving parents and youth. I have empowered hundreds of moms over the past 10+ years through teaching them powerful tools for emotional balance, shifting their mindsets, Emotional Intelligence-driven parenting and much more awesomeness.

I have to admit my FAVORITE part of all this is seeing moms crush that inner critic and have that aha moment of “YES, I CAN do this!” In addition to working 1:1 with moms, I absolutely love to travel and speak at women empowerment and mom organizations about boosting Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Mastery in powerful, fun and effective ways. I have co-ran empowering women and adolescent community programs and facilitated leadership retreats that teach the skills needed to bridge the gap between where they are where they want to be through illuminating strengths, deepening authenticity and optimizing emotional balance.

About Me

When I was growing up I experienced depression and anxiety as a child and teenager. Although this was very challenging it led to my passion for writing. I quickly learned that if I could type it, I could tap into it. And so I did. And what birthed was something incredible; a work of art. I gained clarity about my gifts, my talents…and my purpose. I wanted to help others. This was just the beginning.

When it came time to deciding a college major I was scratching my head, standing at a fork in the road. I knew what I had experienced and wanted to help empower others whom felt the way I had. I wanted to pursue psychology but I didn’t feel supported from those around me. So, with my feet dragging, I opted for another major. But something was clearly missing. I was hungry for something more in my life. I had the GPA, but no GPS. I was moving…but not getting anywhere. So, I took a psychology elective. And nothing was the same again. I felt like jumping up and down and yelling from the rooftop! That was it. You know that aha moment where you just know? That was it for me. I had to pave my own path. I had to trust my passion. I needed a new circle of support around me. I was meant to help others. I knew that if I trusted my passion it would lead me to my purpose. And it did. I drew on strengths I never knew I had. I also knew I was meant to speak in front of crowds and empower others but the thought of public speaking left me frozen in my tracks. There was a perceived gap between my passion and ability the size of the Grand Canyon. And did I let that stop me?

Absolutely not. I worked hard, I let go of wanting to impress others and gain their acceptance. I allowed myself to become vulnerable and authentic. Through simple disciplines practiced every day, I crushed my inner critic. I knew everything I needed was on the other side of my comfort zone. I didn’t change who I was in order to do what I was meant to do. I became more of myself. And you know what? As soon as I de-cluttered the self-limiting beliefs and ditched the security blanket of playing it small, everything started falling into place. I had more energy, I was excited to get up in the morning. I set goals that others said were too high. And I didn’t just reach them, I superseded them. And now I am here to help you do the same.

Motherhood is a wild, awesome ride. We are role models to our children, regardless of their age. At all times, our children are watching us and taking note so they can do the same when they grow up. Motherhood is a mirror. It shows us where our work is. That’s why Impact Moms™ is about coming together, doing the work, celebrating our wins and lifting each other up so that we can use our power to empower. Empower the next generation. Empower each other. Empower ourselves. And leave behind a positive, awe-inspiring footprint for all the places we visit and people we know. It’s about not just raising children, it’s about elevating them. It’s not just about being a mom, it’s also about reconnecting with the “me” within the mom. It’s about making empowering choices, loving life and rockin’ it until the wheels come off.

So, cheers to the awesome generation we get to lead, the amazing life we get to create and all the Impact Moms™ we get to meet along the way!

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