FREE Mind & Body Makeover

Impact Moms™ 2nd Annual FREE Mind & Body Makeover

Going through a challenging time?

Feeling stuck and ready to upgrade your life?

Wish you could press “reset”?


Now you can.  Enter to win this life-changing 3-Day Impact Moms™ Mind & Body Makeover and receive a once in a lifetime experience that is all about you. Reconnect with the “me” within the mom and start your exciting journey of becoming the best version of yourself. The best part? It’s FREE! 

The mission of the Impact Moms™ Makeover Dream team is to empower a local mom while also supporting local business owners. These women are leaders in their fields with a fire in their hearts for empowering other women to leave their comfort zones in the rearview and blaze their own trail.

“This makeover was created to provide an incredible opportunity for a mom to reconnect with the ‘me’ within the mom during a challenging time. Every mom has had that time in her life when she just needed an extra lift in life; someone to believe in her; to educate her. This makeover is not meant to remove her obstacle but instead to remove the blind spots, so that she can regain clarity. It is not a makeover that is meant to change her to a new person, but rather to become more grounded and confident in her already beautiful and empowered self. The energy of incredible women who have experienced their own journeys fully showing up for this mom and holding the space for her light switch AHA moments…the experience is going to be absolutely life-changing,” said Crystal V. Pizarro.


When: July 9-11, 2019 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 5:00-8:00 pm each day

Where: Life Coaching office of Crystal V. Pizarro, conveniently located in East Greenwich, NJ (Gloucester County)

What’s Included

Hair – Love your locks with a fresh trim and style!  You’ll receive a private consultation on the hairstyles that compliment your natural beauty. Receive a private tutorial on your favorite blowout hairstyle that you can do at home as well as a grab bag of tips and tricks for your face shape, hair type and favorite style!

Makeup – Celebrate your beauty mama! Pick your favorite feature and learn how to accentuate it! You’re already beautiful, now let’s have some fun with color! Complete with a full makeup application and customized step-by-step how-to’s for your new favorite color palette, you’ll crack the code of insider secrets that you’ll love to use everyday!

Raindrop Therapy Massage – Let. It. Go. You deserve this. Relax, be pampered and feel all tension melt away. Raindrop Therapy massage combines the healing aromatherapy with reflexology, massage, and more in the application of essential oils, which are applied on various areas of the body to bring alignment & relaxation. Receive a cleansing of the body and an awakening of the soul. The oils help to clear negative emotions from the cell memory and imprint new positive ones. Enjoy ambient lighting, aromatherapy, soothing sounds and more!

Facial – Feel pampered during this luxurious anti-aging facial complete with cleanse, exfoliation, masque, toner, serum, eye cream and more! Fall in love with your skin all over again!

Life Coaching – After each of the 3 days of your Impact Moms™ Mind and Body Makeover, receive mini coaching check-ins to process your AHA moments and exciting shifts you’ll make to flip the script in your every day life. BONUS! Receive (3) FREE VIP 50-minute Impact Moms™ Coaching Session to create that “reset” blueprint for the impact you crave in your life! 

Vinyasa Yoga –  Lean into your vulnerability and embrace poses specially designed for deepening your self-connection and bringing forth your inner truth of “I am the strongest woman I know”. 

Symbolic Photography Photoshoot – Professional Photographer Jennifer Roth will capture incredibly transformative moments of strength, authenticity and inner beauty. Step out of your shadows and into your light. Keepsake your favorite 3 photos for your new portfolio of passion, purpose and positivity!


To Apply

Requirements: Mother residing in South Jersey who is ready to make positive and powerful change in her life.

Entry Submission: In a minimum of 500 words, please email the following answered questions to

  • Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • # Children and Ages
  • What is your greatest passion (what you love to do; what reminds you of your unconditional wholeness)?
  • What are you hoping to gain from this experience? Please be specific and elaborate.
  • What beliefs and behaviors are you ready to change?
  • How long have you had an issue with the above beliefs and behaviors?
  • What are you willing to do in order to create positive and powerful change?
  • What positivity will you share with your community and/or your family after this experience?

Submission Deadline: June 28, 2019. Winner announced July 1st.

Contest Winner Selection: (2) entries will be selected. In the event the initial winner is unable to honor her July 9-11 commitment, the runner up will be selected to fulfill the 3-Day Impact Moms™ Mind & Body Makeover. Join the Impact Moms ™ of South Jersey FB group in order to see the winner and receive FREE daily IMspirations to supercharge your day. All contestants will also be entered to win an exciting raffle giveaway and receive a FREE E-book for their submission.


The Impact Moms™ Makeover Dream Team

Crystal V. Pizarro, The Life Coach for Moms

Crystal V. Pizarro, MA, LPC, NCC, CHLC, Reiki III Certified, empowers the “me” within the mom to stand confidently in her truth, regain clarity, trust in the unknown, calmly navigate life’s detours with ease, and embrace her power to rewrite her tomorrow. Everything you want is already a place inside, Crystal teaches you how to find your compass. See her 3-, 6- and 9-month Signature Coaching Programs here. Schedule your Complimentary 60-minute Coaching Session here


Jennifer Roth, Certified Yoga Instructor + Professional Photographer

Founder of Gaia Dawn Studios, Jennifer Roth empowers women to “love the skin they’re in” through Vinyasa Yoga and Symbolic Imagery Photography.  A Certified Yoga Instructor and a passionate photographer obsessed with capturing the beauty within, Jennifer Roth merged her gifts and passions to create a unique and transformational experience for women. She believes every woman deserves a journey of self discovery to find her true essence, which is beautiful, powerful and unshakably radiant. Vinyasa Yoga with Jennifer Roth embodies self-love and body positivity. Her photography brings this journey of self-love to life. Check out other women’s empowering self love journeys captured here.


Mandy Scanlon, Professional Hair Stylist + Personal Stylist

An Amazon Best-Selling Co-Author and Speaker, Mandy Scanlon inspires women to look and feel beautiful from the inside out.  Through her 22 years of expertise in hair and makeup as well as her passion for fashion, Mandy Scanlon helps women to embrace their natural beauty, reignite their confidence and create their unique personal style in a way that is fun and empowering. For FREE VIP access to her tried and true fashion tips and confidence boosters, check out her FB page Confidence + Clothing! Also, be sure to grab your signed copy of Women Who Inspire and be empowered by her chapter titled “A Journey to Find Peace”.  A total game-changer! 


Solina Gonnion, Professional Makeup Artist

Solina Feliciano Gonnion, owner of Solina’s Skin and Soul Spa, is a licensed skin care specialist and makeup artist in East Greenwich Township. She specializes in facials, peels and special event makeup. She loves helping women to look and feel their best and feels blessed to help them realize they are deserving of taking this time for themselves. She believes when you care for and value yourself it radiates a special beauty from the inside out. 


Shalini Saxena Breault, Certified Massage Therapist + Raindrop Therapy Practitioner + Reiki Master

Shalini Saxena Breault is the creator of Swan Goddess LLC. Shalini is an author, sound healer, yin and chair yoga teacher and Reiki master and teacher. She also designs meditation/intention malas from her Design Your Wings Collection. Shalini is also the author of the children’s book titled Hello Sun, Moon and Stars (available on Amazon).


Alicia Thorp, Licensed Esthetician 

A Mindset Mentor, Wellness Advocate, and soon to be published Author; Alicia Thorp will give you the glow you’ve been looking for.  Alicia’s been guiding others into feeling confident and radiant in their true selves for 7 years. Her high standards in the skin care profession are matched by the BeautyCounter products she uses. Using only B Corp rated products with Beautycounter, Alicia will leave you feeling empowered, in alignment, and ready to face the world.


Plus BONUS Freebies! 

2-Hour Adult Fashion Design + Sewing Class- Sewing has been proven to boost focus, ward off dementia (through neuroplasticity), kickstart positive mood (through releasing dopamine in brain + creating new neural pathways for healthier thoughts), build social connection (through sewing/design group classes) and it allows women to express themselves creatively and achieve a sense of accomplishment for bringing our awesome ideas and visions to life! Isn’t this what every modern mama wants? This 1:1 Sew Sassy class, led by Fashion Expert Karen Nadia Lee, is for all levels!


IMspirational Board Art + Free Workshop- The common saying is, “Don’t accept limitations…if it’s written in stone, bring your hammer and chisel.” Now you can! At Board & Brush Glassboro, they have all it ready for ya! The perfect duo of grit & glam, women merge their creativity with tools, wood and stain into the physical equivalent of their unique personality. As soon as you step foot into the gorgeous Board & Brush Creative Studio, you’ll see why everyone’s jumping on board with this South Jersey hot spot for DIY wood sign workshops. With your Board & Brush gift certificate for “one free workshop”, you’ll get personalized art instruction and get to choose from an array of gorgeous designs and rustic palettes to create your one-of-a-kind wood sign. After all, everything is more fun with a touch of vintage! Bonus! The owner from Board & Brush of Glassboro, Toni Verdi Engelhard, has personally created a keepsake IMspirational board just for you!


Chocolate Taste Tasting for Two- Ain’t life sweet? Sure is, at Devour Desserts! Grab your bestie and add some flavor to your day with this BYOB Devour Signature Chocolate Tasting for two. Voted “Best of Gloucester County” four years in a row, owner Misty Solomon is crushin’ the dessert scene with award-winning dipped fruit, truffles and baked goods! Get the inside scoop about this summer’s tastiest bites! 


14 Day Bedtime Belly Buster- Treat yourself to coaching (phone/email) to accompany a deliciously game-changing 30-day Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster system. CEO of Self Love and Success, Tara Ann LePera’s dynamite personality, contagious enthusiasm and insight gleaned from her own personal journey will empower you to pave a nutritional path you’re thrilled about! Who knew upgrading to the healthiest version of yourself could be so delicious and easy! Complete with 1 shake daily & your choice of either IsaGreen or IsaFruit Powder to keep you fierce on your nutrition game…you’ll be on your way to experiencing increased energy, peak performance, boosted focus and so much more! 


Calm Mama Essential Oil Roll On- Keep calm and rock your day like a total boss. This Calm Mama roll-on, containing DoTERRA oils, is your secret weapon to ignite your inner calm so you can focus on what you love most. Calm Mama can be conveniently rolled onto the temples, back of neck, bottoms of feet or pulse points. Who needs a crystal ball when you have a lavender one?  Obsessed with learning about oils or craving a specific blend? Andie Bernard Schwartz is your single access point for everything DoTERRA oils and personalized concoctions. Convenience and effectiveness collide so you can make the impact you want…every day! What’s NOT to love?! 


Local + Farm Fresh Raw Honey- Honey, healthy is sexy! And raw’s even better! Keep your health flowin’ with this anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich local honey from Stecher Farms CSA. Honey, known as a “time-released fuel”, helps busy mamas boost their memory (antioxidants keep your brain in tip-top shape) when taken in the morning and can help you fall asleep quicker (contributes to melatonin production through encouraging the release of serotonin + tryptophan) when taken before bed. No brainer! 🙂


Local + Organic + Fair Trade Coconut Vanilla Black Looseleaf Tea- Turning a new leaf just got even more amazing. Pour some hot water, let the coconut vanilla aroma invigorate your senses so you can rock your day like a total boss. These unique and delicious flavors are IMspired by the gang of The Treehouse Coffee Shop & Café.  South Jersey’s favorite comfy and friendly mom & pop shop, this local charm is “the” place for hosting meetings, community events, birthday parties, catching up with a good friend or having some “me” time. The vibe is hip and upbeat and the staff is incredible. The food is delish and their calendar of events is poppin’ with local entertainment for the whole family! The Treehouse Coffee Shop & Café thinks globally and acts locally through Organic Fair Trade, Sustainable Farm CSA food sources and Community Fundraising Events. 


The Impact Moms™ Makeover Giveaway Sponsors


Tara Ann LePera, CEO of Self Love and Success | Isagenix Coach

CEO of Self Love and Success, Tara Ann LePera, is rockin’ the wellness world. Combining her love of inspiring others + her partnership with Isagenix, Tara Ann LePera empowers others to reclaim their healthiest self. A well-known jewel of the health and wellness industry, she inspires a team of 700 amazing members to allow their best self shine through.  Tara Ann LePera brings her A Game in teaching clients to break the train of unhealthy nutrition habits through her proven leadership principles, eye-opening health and wellness knowledge, IMspirational personal journey and contagious enthusiasm. 


Karen Nadia Lee, Owner | Creative Director | Instructor at Sew Sassy

With her degree in Fashion Design & Illustration from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, Owner | Creative Director| Instructor  Karen Nadia Lee trailblazed the fashion scene in NYC and has brought her passion for fashion and love of helping others to downtown historic Mullica Hill. Her iconic passion for fashion fueled her purpose of empowering women & youth at Sew Sassy to create from a place of confidence-from trendy scarves and timeless throw pillows to luxurious pajamas, mesmerizing dreamcatchers and designer totes. Through creating beautiful patterns, they are also connecting with new threads of themselves.


Toni Verdi-Engelhard, Owner | Artist at Board & Brush in Glassboro

Coming soon!


Misty Solomon, Owner | Chef at Devour Desserts

A self-taught chocolatier and baker, Misty Solomon, is a woman to watch.  A natural talent that was within her all along, she listened to her IMtuition and took a leap. She now runs Devour Desserts at two successful locations. From the kitchen to the community, Misty Solomon hosts multiple series at her bakery-especially the popular “Kids in the Kitchen” baking series among other empowering series.  Devour Desserts isn’t just a bakery, it’s a space for people to connect. And Misty Solomon, well her beautiful and outgoing personality, is just the icing on the cake.


Andie Bernard Schwartz, Registered & Licensed Dietician | Certified Lactation Counselor | Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist| DoTERRA Consultant

Contributing Author and creator of the 8-week “Clean and Green Eating Plan” featured in  Younger in 8 Weeks (see a snippet here) Prevention book, Andie Bernard Schwartz, is one multi-passionate mama. Truly a wellness warrior, she empowers mamas to stretch their body and expand their mind through fitness, nutrition, essential oils and more! When she isn’t providing online and in-office nutritional counseling for weight loss | early life nutrition | pediatric and adolescent (autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities and more) she’s helping mamas breastfeed from a place of confidence and ease. Andie Bernard Schwartz is truly an IMspirational mama!


Hilary Stecher, Owner | Farmer at Stecher Farms Home Delivery CSA 

A farmer with a fire in her heart for helping others, Hilary Stecher is blazing a new trail in the farming biz. Local. Fresh. Delivered. Truly a wellness whisperer, Hilary Stecher is a woman of many gifts, one of which is nurturing seeds for growth, both on land and in life. From farm to family, Hilary Stecher and her family love growing and delivering the freshest produce weekly at your door. Hilary Stecher is passionate about helping others enjoy new foods & flavors, embracing the new beginnings nature supplies and sharing the farm lifestyle with other families. The 150-acre Stecher Farm is no match to the size of her heart. She truly has a smile that can warm up an entire room. 


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